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COOL HUNTING: ZONA MACO 2023 Crossing Continents And Culture

Anne Samat and Moris were both recently featured in COOL HUNTING’s article, ZONA MACO 2023: Crossing Continents And Cultures.

Gabriella Garcia writes of Moris, “There is no mercy in Moris’ world, neither in his art nor in the cartel-run barrio the artist grew up in. Instead, the artist (represented by Marc Straus Gallery and Arroníz Contemporary Art Gallery) finds solace in translating into his work the means of survival and methods of maintaining dignity that spring forth from those who navigate such precarity…”

Of Samat, she writes, “More idolatry than sculpture, Anne Samat’s work brings sacred myths to everyday items such as kitchenware, plastic toys and trinkets obtained at dollar stores. Each totem is created in the tradition of a Pua Kumbu weaving technique native to Samat’s homeland of Malaysia…”

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