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SLEEK Magazine: The Most Exciting Gallerists at The Armory Show 2022

Marc Straus at The Armory Show 2022

MARC STRAUS and José Carlos Martinat were recently featured by SLEEK Magazine in their article The Most Exciting Gallerists at The Armory Show 2022:

“Established in 2011, MARC STRAUS is a contemporary art gallery in New York’s Lower East side that turns their gaze abroad to foster the careers of some of the most exciting international talent.

At The Armory Show, the gallery brings the striking work of Jose Carlos Martinat, a Peruvian artist who elaborates on the social and political unrest of Latin America by appropriating the symbols found on the surfaces and walls of the urban landscape. Banner-like objects are made from transfers of hand painted political posters found on the streets by means of lifting off the texture of the paint in resin. The artist carefully removes a layer of wall, much like a fresco, and relocates them in the exhibition space, hanging them in the middle of the room to expose the back, revealing an overlap of previous posters in an archeology of outdated economic models and overwritten political promises.”

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