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Sarena Straus Joins The Gallery

We are proud to announce that Sarena Straus has joined the gallery. As the daughter of collectors Marc and Livia Straus, Sarena vividly recalls the first artwork she encountered, a Kenneth Noland “Chevron”, had just four stripes, and by the age of seven she was captivated by the red and yellow rectangles of an Ellsworth Kelly “Chatham” painting.

Through countless such examples growing up with art, she found her own personal connections to contemporary art. From early on, she toured museums and frequented artists’ studios, forming friendships that continue today.

As a young adult, she made this interest in contemporary art completely her own, choosing to study Art History and Studio Art at Barnard College. After, she attended Fordham Law and worked as an Assistant D.A. in The Bronx, publishing a book about her experience, “Bronx DA” (Barricade Books, 2006).

Sarena just concluded twenty years of legal practice, the last six of which were spent as senior counsel for a large international pharmaceutical company. She and her husband have become active art collectors in their own right and continue the family tradition of surrounding their children’s lives with art.

Sarena adds, “I come from a family of academics who taught us there need be no restrictions to following other passions. I have proudly watched the evolution of this gallery over seven years and its extraordinary roster of artists. I am thrilled to have an opportunity to support these artists and the gallery.”

Our gallery is housed in a building directly across the street from where, for decades, Sarena’s grandfather ran a textile shop. “It’s a homecoming,’” she says. Sarena brings a wealth of experience and unique perspective to the gallery. Starting with the upcoming exhibitions for Jeanne Silverthorne and Thomas Bangsted, she will work closely with Marc Straus, partners Ken Tan and Tim Hawkinson.

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