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Rona Pondick in conversation with Nneka Anozie in ODDA Magazine

Rona Pondick in conversation with Nneka ANOZIE in ODDA Magazine’s 10th Anniversary (Spring/Summer 2022) edition.

“Rona Pondick observes, learns, experiments, and implements in cycles. As a child who took on drawing and painting by reflex to becoming an inter- nationally acclaimed sculptor, known for her hybridized, metaphorical, and shifting approaches to the human body. Pondick challenges herself to make her mark on classic world sculpture through contemporary aesthetics and forward-facing techniques. The consistent essence behind her work is to “become a mirror of what it’s like to be alive.” With ODDA, Rona shares her interpretation of time, reflects on varied aspects of human nature, and ex- plains her view on our world being an ongoing evolution with familiar twists.” – Nneka Amozie

Everything that I’m interested in historically repeats itself. we as humans, on a certain fundamental level, don’t change. we always try to put ourselves in art, we want to reflect what it’s like, what we look like at the moment. what we’re thinking and feeling spirals back and around. I know, in art, everyone wants to tell you it’s a linear development. that’s ridiculous. I think what happens is the work that’s most interesting for me is work that mirrors the maker. they bring something of themselves, and they make what they’re doing so much their own, that it feels like they’ve invented something.” – Rona Pondick

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