Yael Medrez Pier

November 21, 2023

In Yael Medrez Pier’s new series, “Woven Heritage: A Window into Cultural Richness and Humanity through Ethnic Women’s Pioneering Textiles,” she presents a world of cloths with a profound narrative on beauty, creativity, and cultural significance. The women, in their national apparel, are portrayed...

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Anna Nero

April 26, 2023

Anna Nero’s work deals with different modalities of painting and the possibilities of image-making and representation. In her process, she constantly crosses paths between strict and sleek geometrical forms and bold, playful brush strokes. Those two are the poles between which her paintings oscillate...

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Jessica Alazraki

December 1, 2022

Jessica Alazraki’s paintings open up a dialogue about immigrants, and her work intends to bring Latinx life into contemporary art by celebrating the culture and highlighting family values. The narratives often show interior domestic scenes surrounding tables. Bright colors and decorative patterns are very...

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Otis Jones

July 19, 2017

Devoid of pictorial motifs, narratives and at times even color, the work of Texas-based artist Otis Jones is muted yet intensely physical, and stubbornly original. Shunning the grandiose, Jones’ interests lie in the most basic essentials: the relationship of form, composition and color, and...

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Omar Rodriguez-Graham

March 14, 2017

Omar Rodriguez-Graham’s work is the result of an ongoing exploration to find the meeting point between the recognizable and the abstract. His work begins with the use of recognizable images from historic Renaissance paintings as an armature to place marks. In a carefully planned...

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Margaret Loy Pula

May 2, 2015

Hailing from the remote community of Utopia in Central Australia, Margaret Loy Pula continues a legacy that dates back millennia. Painting traditional stories handed down from her father she depicts homelands, bush foods and ceremonial designs using a patternation of intricate dot work. An...

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Charles Hinman

May 2, 2015

An American pioneer of hard-edged shaped canvases, Charles Hinman’s work received immediate global acclaim in 1964–1965, with work at Sidney Janis Gallery and a one-person exhibition at Richard Feigen Gallery. Major works found permanent homes at MoMA, the Albright-Knox Gallery, and the Rockefeller Collection....

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Jeffrey Gibson

April 22, 2015

Jeffrey Gibson grew up in major urban centers in the United States, Germany, Korea, England and elsewhere. He is also a member of the Mississippi Band of Choctaw Indians and half Cherokee. This unique combination of global cultural influences converge in his multi-disciplinary practice...

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