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Paul Pretzer’s Top 5 Weirdest Paintings

Ahead of his upcoming show opening on Jan 10, 2016, we asked Berlin-based Paul Pretzer what his Top 5 weirdest, most wonderful artworks of all time are. The results were still surprising, despite being characteristic of Pretzer’s good taste. Have in no particular order:

1. Jacopo Pontormo, Deposition From The Cross

This painting by Pontormo have always thrilled me because of it’s weird color. It makes me think of ice cream or chewing gum, and the ones with horrible synthetic tastes… I also like the almost superhero-like suits the people are wearing, very tight and not appropriate for the scene actually. The best thing about this magnificent painting is that it’s found in a small church in Florence where the only possible way to look at it is by paying a Euro to switch on the light.


2. Jusepe De Ribera, The Bearded Woman (La Mujer Barbuda)

Ribera’s La Mujer Barbuda is one of the weirdest paintings ever. It shows Magdalena Ventura who started to grow a beard at the age of 37. This transexual figure left a big impression on me as I like creating an atmosphere of uncertainty myself. It’s also very tragic I think.


3. Carroll Dunham, Any Arse Painting

Caroll Dunham
I like how all these human holes become abstract forms and capture the viewer’s eye. They literally suck you in. Tip Dunham’s Arsehole paintings definitely belong to some of the weirdest stuff out there.


4. Hans Baldung Grien, Witch and Dragon

4. Hexe mit Ungeheuer
I have always found the paintings of Hans Baldung Grien pretty weird. The farting witches and rotten skeletons made a big impact on me. He creates a very dark and disturbing world and uses a remarkable palette for a North European Renaissance painter.


5. Bernhard Martin

I don’t really know what to think of the new works of Bernhard Martin, but I’m pretty sure that they are very weird and that I kind of like them. It’s like 80’s surrealist Odilon Redon on heroin. The paintings disturbed me and they are unpleasant in a good way.

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