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Paul Pretzer Hot Dog Party & Open Studio


Paul Pretzer who has been working in our New York studio since September and is soon wrapping up his residency.

To celebrate the completion of a new body of works, we’re throwing a Hot Dog Party cum open studio this Sunday, November 15, 3pm–6pm at the studio on 284 Grand Street, New York 10002.

In his new work, the painterliness is more expressive and composition pared down: a small sad donkey wails into the large abstract atmosphere, or in another painting, a goofy horse with a heroic cape pounces into a large field of vibrant pink brushwork. Now, single objects possess the gravitas to bind entire planes of abstraction.

Come join us for an afternoon of hot dogs, beers and art.

Paul Pretzer NY Studio 1 Paul Pretzer NY Studio 2 Paul Pretzer NY Studio 3
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