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Otis Jones In Two Person Exhibition at Fondation CAB in Brussels

‘Fondation CAB is pleased to present a retrospective featuring the work of two Abstract American artists Ron Gorchov (1930-2020) and Otis Jones (1946).

This exhibition confronts the practices of both artists for the first time, revealing the strong relationship that exists between their particular approaches to art making. Both Gorchov and Jones manipulate canvases in a way that lends them a three-dimensional quality. They abandon or even reject the rectangular format of conventional canvases to explore different surfaces, revealing a sculptural interest in combining various materials and techniques. Their work investigates the exchange that can arise when form, composition and colour are deconstructed and re-thought. Ron Gorchov’s experimentation was aimed at creating a new kind of visual space, whereas Otis Jones wanted to transform the classical Minimalist form of the monochrome painting, into an three-dimensional object, inspired by Jasper John’s idea’s. Challenging both Abstract Expressionism and Minimalism, they both were able to create a delicate balance between form and emotional repletion.’


Opening : Thursday 14 January from 12 to 7 pm
Wednesday to Saturday 12 – 6 PM

Fondation CAB website.

The exhibition was recently reviewed in this is tomorrow, a contemporary art magazine. To read the full review please click here.

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