Jong Oh at Doosan Art Center

November 13, 2021

Jong Oh has a new solo exhibition at Doosan Art Center in Seoul entitled, A Pause on the Arc, on view from November 10 through December 18, 2021. In A Pause on the Arc, Oh’s oblique language of expression creates opportunities not only for the...

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Renée Stout in The Brooklyn Rail

November 11, 2021

Part II of Renée Stout’s first exhibition with the gallery was recently covered in The Brooklyn Rail by Jonathan Goodman. Goodman writes, “The spiritual influences that guide us are never very distant from the themes of Stout’s art, which act as a bridge between...

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Renée Stout in Hyperallergic

November 10, 2021

Renée Stout’s debut solo exhibition with the gallery has been reviewed by Seph Rodney in Hyperallergic. Rodney writes, “The pleasure I find in her work is the pleasure of playfulness. The work allows me to feel beguiled, but not cheated. I am taken a...

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Jeanne Silverthorne at Rowan University Art Gallery

November 9, 2021

Jeanne Silverthorne’s solo exhibition, “What’s Going on Here?” at the Rowan University Art Gallery is on view now through January 8th. The show focusses on work created between 2009 and 2021 it resonates with our current state of social isolation and displacement. See the...

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Marie Watt in Art in America

November 3, 2021

Marie Watt’s solo exhibition at the Hunterdon Art Museum in Clifton, New Jersey, on view now through January 9, 2022, was recently covered in an Art in America article by Glenn Adamson. The article surveys the work in the exhibition, delves into Watt’s inspirations,...

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Renée Stout at the Speed Art Museum

October 22, 2021

Renée Stout’s work Rootworker’s Worktable is featured in an exhibition entitled, “Supernatural America: The Paranormal in American Art” at the Speed Art Museum in Louisville, KY. The exhibition examines the artwork that has shaped our collective imagination of the supernatural and paranormal and asks...

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Entang Wiharso in New Exhibition at Kunstmuseum Wolfsburg

October 7, 2021

Entang Wiharso’s work, Expanded Dreams Tableau (Wagon Series), 2011, is featured in a new exhibition entitled, “Oil: Beauty and Horror in the Petrol Age” at Kunstmuseum Wolfsburg. The exhibition is on view now through January 9, 2022. The exhibition “takes a speculative, poetic look...

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Marie Watt at Hunterdon Art Museum

September 25, 2021

Marie Watt’s solo exhibition at the Hunterdon Art Museum opens this Sunday, September 26th. The exhibition will “spotlight diverse textile works, including monumental tapestry, Companion Species (At What Cost), assembled from panels of cloth embroidered during sewing circles.” “This exhibition furthermore features wall text prompts...

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Entang Wiharso Solo Exhibition at York College Galleries

September 24, 2021

Entang Wiharso’s solo exhibition “A Thousand Kilometers” at York College Galleries is now on view at both the main campus galleries and the Marketview Arts center downtown. York College Galleries wrote, “This multi-venue exhibition by Indonesian-born, US-based artist Entang Wiharso touches on the role...

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MARC STRAUS in The Art Newspaper

September 11, 2021

The Art Newspaper covered this weekend’s Armory show, and named our booth, which featured new works by Marie Watt. The Art Newspaper wrote, “There is a notable amount of figurative work offered across the fair, especially pieces that featured or were made by people...

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The 10 Best Booths at The Armory Show 2021 – Artsy

September 11, 2021

MARC STRAUS was named one of the ten best booths at this weekend’s Armory show, 2021. Our booth features the work of Marie Watt. Artsy wrote, “The works in the booth, including a totemic steel sculpture and a panoramic beaded work in dazzling crepuscular...

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Rona Pondick at Yale Art Gallery

September 8, 2021

Rona Pondick’s work, Fox, is featured in a new exhibition opening at the Yale Art Gallery. The exhibition is titled, ‘On The Basis of Art: 150 Years of Women at Yale,” and celebrates the 50th anniversary of co-education at Yale College, and the 150th anniversary of...

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Entang Wiharso in Upcoming Show at Kunstmuseum Wolfsburg

September 1, 2021

Entang Wiharso will be among the artists featured in Kuntsmuseum Wolfsburg’s upcoming show, Oil: Beauty and Horror in the Petrol Age.  “The exhibition Oil. Beauty and Horror in the Petrol Age therefore takes a speculative, poetic look back at the presence of the modern age...

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Marie Watt in the Los Angeles Times

August 7, 2021

Marie Watt’s recent show, Each/Other at the Denver Art Museum was recently covered in the Los Angeles Time. Carolina Miranda writes, “I was especially intrigued by the arquitectonic ways Watt works with textiles such as blankets, an object freighted with so much historic and...

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