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New Public Sculpture by Entang Wiharso

Entang Wiharso will present his sculpture as part of LOCK ROUTE, a public art showcase at Gillman Barracks, Singapore. LOCK ROUTE will open to the public on Friday 13 January, 7pm.

“This work was conceived as a self-portrait which links historic events with personal identity.  The reliefs around the body of the gas tank depict episodes from Indonesian history from the colonial period through the presidency of Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono. Without a beginning or end, the images reflect how past events can be reactivated by current experiences.  The monumental scale of the work suggests the weight of history and events that are  often beyond our control. The gas tank is a common object in Indonesian homes.  Frequent news reports tell how defective units unexpectedly explode, killing or injuring people in their homes.  These tragedies lead to talk of consumer protections and strategies to improve safety and accountability, but little changes and the risk remains.  This latent risk mirrors Indonesian history, which has seen times of peace interspersed with violence and tragedy.  The flowers speak to the desire to “decorate” or cover over dark episodes, attempts to either ignore or suppress anxiety and risks.  Each of us is an embodiment of history, living on and manifesting in our daily lives.”

Entang Wiharso
Half Degree of Separation – Self Portrait Under National History, 2015
Resin, steel, car paint, polyurethane coating
118 x 35.4 inches / 300 x 90 cm

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