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Marie Watt in W Magazine

Marie Watt in W Magazine, photograph by Tommy Kha

Marie Watt was recently featured in the article Doing It Their Way in W Magazine.

Jori Finkel writes, “But more than any material, Watt sees gathering and communal forms of storytelling as the through line of her work. She has facilitated sewing circles, loosely modeled on the storytelling circles run by her educator mother, in which she invites people at a museum or elsewhere to meet up, chat, and stitch text panels that feed a larger collaborative artwork. (One at the Whitney Museum last year drew hundreds; the result is going on show at Marc Straus Gallery, in New York, on March 12.)”

Photography by Tommy Kha
Written by Jori Finkel
Styled by Rachael Wang
Hair and makeup by Cecilia Salinas

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