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Marc Straus in Time Out New York

This summer group is based on the premise that the worlds of boxing and art are somewhat similar—at least in terms of just how quickly professional fortunes can turn for artist and pugilist alike. One day you could be a champ and the next day, a bum, as Marlon Brando puts at the end of the most famous line in On The Waterfront (from whence this exhibit derives its title). Of course, boxers rely on bodies that, once injured, make comebacks difficult. Artists on the other hand, can keep making their work, even if they slide into obscurity, with the hope that it will be rediscovered some day. But while boxing and art may not be exactly the same, the ups and downs of reputation are certainly worth pondering, as “I Coulda Been A Contender” does with works by a roster of contributors that includes Susan Rothenberg, Richard Artschwager, Charles Hinman and Rick Prol.

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Charles Hinman at MARC STRAUS reviewed in Art in America
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