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Pretzer, Jones and Levinson at VOLTA NY 2016, BOOTH A08

MARC STRAUS is excited to participate in the 2016 edition of VOLTA NY. At BOOTH A08 we’ll be showing new works by Paul Pretzer, Chris Jones and introducing a new artist for the gallery, Joan Levinson.


Joan Levinson creates minimal, irregular-shaped paintings, each with a meticulously worked surfaces and painted text. Reminiscent of ancient slabs of carved stone, Levinson’s choice of words are reflective, enigmatic but yet universal.


Pretzer reveals more of his signature black humor in a set of new small paintings. Monkeys attend a lecture of Courbet’s Origin Of The World or a Donkey balances on a magical sword. His pictures leave us bewildered but in awe.


Chris Jones introduces three new Apartment and a “Nature Morte” collage sculpture of fruits called “From That Moment On“, where the closer one looks, one will soon discover the fruits are merely shells for a tribe of mysterious inhabitants…

Download a full preview of available works (PDF 1.6mb)

For more information about the fair, visit their website.

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