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Jong Oh in “Point Counter Point” at Art Sonje Center, Seoul, Korea

Jong Oh joins four other artists in Point Counter Point, an exhibition that uses the spatial form and context of the prestigious Art Sonje Center’s second and third floor galleries as its material and starting point. Each artist shows a different artistic exploration, rooted in his or her own perspective in response to the space: reacting to the gallery’s shapes, using architectural components and materials as points of reference, or altering viewpoint, distance, and size to subvert perceptions of space.

Jong Oh, Room Drawing (Monochrome) #4 (2018)
Jong Oh’s work Room Drawing (Monochrome) #4 is an example of drawing in space, using metal rods, thread, thin chains and plexiglas as its chief materials. Oh’s approach to work is a meticulous, risky one that involves taking a space over a long period of time and highlighting the small but characteristic elements discovered within it. Crafted from thin materials, his installations are not readily visible at a distance, but become revealed in their concreteness as the viewer approaches them, while spaces are created from the inclusion of hollow external masses divided by lines.

Courtesy of Art Sonje Center. Photos by Yeonje Kim.



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