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Jeffrey Gibson @ The Nerman Museum Reviewed on Brooklyn Rail

Gibson - Convene Nerman MocA 2016 03

The Brooklyn Rail reviews the Convene group exhibition at The Nerman Museum, where major work by artist Jeffrey Gibson is included. Here’s an excerpt:

“In large part, one of the threads between these two shows seems to be just that—ghostly apparitions working through cultural and art-historical aftermath to fashion new artifacts. In both shows, Huma Bhabha, Jiha Moon, Jeffrey Gibson, and Lisa Sanditz create figures, ruins, and talismans combining a variety of influences from folk traditions, pop emoticons, the rubble of forgotten histories, and dollar-store materials. Drawing upon the language of early Mississippian culture ceramic head “pots,” Gibson styles ghoulish domes that give voice to the complexities of American history by accessing a less prominent ceramics tradition. With their drippy, colorful glazes and pockmarked, holey forms, his jar-heads look like they’re halfway between decomposing and rising from the dead, unsettled ghosts in search of answers. His totemic creations Speak to Me in Your Way So That I Can Hear You (2015) and What Do you Want? When Do You Want It(2016), three- and four-legged pieces with unadorned driftwood legs splayed outward, could be figures just emerged from some primordial ooze. Perfectly poised between our world and another, these totemic figures have arrived to help us confront ourselves and the junk of our past and present.”

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