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Jeffrey Gibson Selected for Best Of 2015

Both Hyperallergic and Autre has selected Jeffrey Gibson’s solo exhibition as one of the Best of 2015. What a wonderful way to end the year, thank you! Excerpts from articles here:

HYPERALLERGIC – Best of 2015: Our Top 20 NYC Art Shows

Jeffrey Gibson’s explorations of where “Native” and contemporary art meet have been gaining in traction and maturity over the past few years. His solo show at Marc Straus presented a strong body and balance of work, featuring flashier beaded punching bags and canvases alongside powerful acrylic and graphite abstractions on rawhide. Most compelling were the two sculptural figures made from a mash-up of parts: punctured ceramic pots for heads, tree branches for limbs, and bodies hidden underneath blankets densely covered in beads (including some arranged to form text), tassels, ribbons, and jingle cones. The riotous clash of materials seemed to directly confront the question of what is “natural,” while the creatures’ bent postures and haunting faces made them look like wizened guardians of unspoken secrets. —JS

AUTRE – The Best Gallery Exhibits of 2015

As Jeffrey Gibson has come to embrace his Native American ancestry more in his work, the other elements of his work have become more effective: politics, music, subculture, queer theory, art history, and more are all given a unique perspective. Though it shouldn’t be surprising to have a Native American take on these subjects, it is simply due to the fact that I have not ever been exposed to it. If that is my fault or the educational system’s fault I am not here to say. I can say that I am a massive fan of Gibson’s work. His use of fabrics and beads are always given a contemporary feel, and his series of punching bags that are all applied the titles of various outsider sub-cultures (Goths, punks, etc..) look like nothing else available on the art market.

Reall full articles here:
1) Hyperallergic – Best of 2015: Our Top 20 NYC Art Shows
2) Autre – The Best Gallery Exhibits of 2015

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