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Jeffrey Gibson New York Times Review

Jeffrey Gibson’s “Said the Pigeon to the Squirrel” at National Academy Museum reviewed by The New York Times’ Karen Rosenberg

“Something of that magic makes its way into the “shield paintings,” executed on hide stretched over ironing boards… Their sharply angular compositions allude to European early Modernist movements, like Orphism and Rayism, but the curved contours of the boards foster all sorts of other associations: the surf-inspired art of 1960s Los Angeles, or the early shaped canvases of Frank Stella, or, as the titles suggest, heraldic armor. Also intriguing are the punching bags bedecked with sequins, beads and tin shingles… [O]ne, “She Walks Lightly,” is placed close to an air-conditioning vent so that its fringed skirt sways ever so gently.”

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