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Hermann Nitsch in Artnet News & The Art Newspaper

Hermann Nitsch

A posthumous performance of Hermann Nitsch’s 1998 piece, 6-day-play, was performed on July 30th to August 1 at Prinzendorf Castle in Austria. The performance was covered by both Artnet News and by The Art Newspaper.

In Artnet News, Dorian Batycka writes:
“The resplendent weekend saw scores of Nitsch’s oldest and longest collaborators in attendance, as well as three orchestras, a chamber music group, a choral school, a large mixed choir, a carpenter, and a butcher. There was also more than 3,000 kilograms (6,000 pounds) of tomatoes and grapes, and 1,000 litres of blood.

The condensed version of the so-called work 6-day-play was a total assault on the senses—a symphony of life and death and a gesamtkunstwerk (total work of art) with no concern for moral turpitude whatsoever. Initially set to to take place in 2020 before being delayed, the artist had left specific instructions for the piece with few details spared, even outlining the tastes and smells that were to be experienced.”

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