Marc Straus


Michael Brown

September 8 - October 13, 2019

Opening Reception
Sun September 8 2019, 6pm - 6pm

MARC STRAUS is proud to present a solo exhibition of new work by Michael Brown.

Marc first met Michael Brown (b. 1982, US) when he was an undergraduate art student. He was a precious talent whose sculpture was in the lineage of Robert Gober’s handmade readymades. Browns’s work arises from some of the most banal of objects: discarded lawn chairs, mops, buckets, and cracked mirrors. He fractures plate glass and then meticulously reproduces the crack pattern in hand-cut welded stainless steel. These are stunning objects where the edges of the welded shards give off diamond-like refraction.

Michael’s career was meteoric with one-person shows in Paris and New York, work in key exhibitions at David Zwirner and Hauser and Wirth, several museums and other galleries, and a booth devoted to him at Art Basel Basel edition. When circumstances intervened four years ago, Brown withdrew from the studio, only to return to making artworks last year.

The new body of works includes paintings for the first time. They are sculptural – related in part to the affects of his In the Meantime… series that emulate cracked mirrors. These profoundly beautiful and tactile paintings are made by laying a ground of 24 carat gold leaf onto the canvas on which oil paint is then applied in patterns somewhat akin to spider webs. The under gold gives it a radiance, and the paint, usually white or black, reminds perhaps of early work by Agnes Martin. Thoughts about welded work of David Smith, the drawings of Giacometti, and more were in Michael’s head as well. In the end these are conceptual renderings all his own, formidable work both resplendent and uncompromising.

In his newest additions to he has hand-welded brass frames, making them bold, entirely personal objects.

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