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Entang Wiharso Upcoming Exhibitions and Projects

It’s a busy year-end for Indonesian artist, Entang Wiharso. Here is a run-down of his current and upcoming exhibitions and projects:

The Art Show – Art of the New Millenium in Taguchi Art Collection
The Museum of Modern Art, Gunma, Japan

Exhibition on view: September 16 — November 12, 2017

Art Turns. World Turns. Exploring the Collection of the Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art in Nusantara
Museum MACAN, Jakarta, Indonesia

The museum’s inaugural exhibition opens November 4, 2017, which includes Wiharso’s painting “Melt”, 2008, acrylic, spray paint, car paint, collaged photo details and oil on canvas, 300 x 600 cm (Collection of Museum MACAN). Wiharso is als0 the first commissioned artist to work on Museum MACAN’s Children’s Art Space.

Fall Open Studios at International Studio & Curatorial Program

Opening Reception: Friday, November 10, 6–9pm
Open Hours: Saturday, November 11, 1–8pm

Entang Wiharso, along with 35 other artists from 22 countries currently in residence, will be opening his studio for The International Studio & Curatorial Program (ISCP) Fall Open Studios.

Allegories & Identities: Eko Nugroho, Entang Wiharso and Heri Dono
Singapore Tyler Print Institute, Singapore

Opens Friday, 17 November 2017, STPI Gallery, Singapore

Allegories & Identities: Eko Nugroho, Entang Wiharso & Heri Dono is STPI’s first Indonesian group-show featuring specially selected works in print and paper in collaboration with the STPI Creative Workshop. The exhibition surveys the multifarious symbols, expressions, and unconventional modes employed by prominent Indonesian artists Eko Nugroho, Entang Wiharso and Heri Dono in their rendering of socio-political climates and cultural identities.

Entang Wiharso, Tang Contemporary Art, Bangkok, Thailand
Solo exhibition opening January 2018

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Entang Wiharso Solo Exhibition at York College Galleries
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Entang Wiharso in Upcoming Show at Kunstmuseum Wolfsburg
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Entang Wiharso in Unseen Art with STIR
Entang Wiharso discusses his general practice, influences, and unrevealed work with Shraddha Nair of STIR. His new work, Camouflage, employs glitter to create obscure surfaces on large canvases. The medium emphasizes the problem of perception and highlights Wiharso's turmoil in responding to prejudice and racism in the United States. Camouflage expands on previous work like… Read More...
Entang Wiharso Awarded 2019 Guggenheim Fellowship
[caption id="attachment_8391" align="alignnone" width="900"] Entang with his work. Credit: Boris Kirpotin, Bernier/Eliades[/caption] Entang Wiharso, whose artwork is exhibited in galleries and museums throughout the world, has received a 2019 Guggenheim Fellowship. The announcement was made Wednesday by the John Simon Guggenheim Memorial Foundation in The New York Times. In a statement, the foundation writes, “This… Read More...
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