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April 2018

Jinsu Han Featured in Office Magazine

Office Magazine featured Jinsu Han in this interview article. Here’s an excerpt: Do you feel like that comes through in your art? Yeah. I don’t know why I’m interested in moving things, but I really love to play with small, working pieces. When I...
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March 2018

Jonh Yau Reviews Otis Jones on Hyperallergic

John Yau reviews the Otis Jones exhibition on Hyperallergic. Here is an excerpt: Jones’s paintings do not recall anything from our experience. They exist on what Frecon would consider the high plane of abstraction, which is something unto itself. This is the power, surprise,...
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January 2018

Barry Schwabsky’s Letter to Anna Leonhardt

To Anna Leonhardt by Barry Schwabsky Thank you for showing me your new paintings, Anna. What changes they led me through! I remember you telling me that movement in a painting is not cinematic; “it’s like a thread,” you told me, “it starts somewhere...
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December 2017

Brooklyn Rail Reviews Thomas Bangsted and Jeanne Silverthorne

The Brooklyn Rail jointly reviews Thomas Bangsted‘s and Jeanne Silverthorne‘s exhibitions. Art writer Joyce Beckenstein writes: “At first glance these two wildly different exhibitions, which are in fact consigned to separate gallery spaces, have absolutely nothing to do with one another. But spend some...
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December 2017

Hyperallergic Interviews Thomas Bangsted

Thomas Bangsted shares with Sarah Rose Sharp at Hyperallergic how he reconstructs moments from the past with present-day photography. “In his third exhibition of photographs at Marc Straus, photographer Thomas Bangsted presents large-scale photographs that recreate historical maritime scenes through a painstaking process of...
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October 2017

Hermann Nitsch’s Imitatio Christi by Donald Kuspit

Hermann Nitsch is an Austrian performance artist, in this exhibition performing with paint—making what he calls Schuttbilder—the 75th one, a seemingly endless group of paintings—but he’s better known for his performances in his Orgien Mysterien Theater, where animal blood and guts, along with naked...
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September 2017

Hermann Nitsch Review on ArteFuse

Kate Menard reviewed the Hermann Nitsch show on ArteFuse, 75th Painting Action is dominated by red, but it is oil, not blood, which covers its canvases. Cacophonous chords fill the room. Out of eyesight upon first entering, a video of the 75th Painting Action...
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June 2017

Sandro Chia Reviewed on Artcritical

Artcritical takes a critical look at the Sandro Chia Spring show. Writer Nicola Stephanie writes: “In this sense, Chia can be seen to propose a sort of vision quest. Reiterations of looking and the remaking of representation are offered as a pathway, he seems to...
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May 2017

Hyperallergic Reviews Entang Wiharso

Seph Rodney reviews Entang Wiharso “Promising Land” on Hyperallergic. Here is an excerpt: There’s something rightly inscrutable about Entang Wiharso’s “Double Protection” (2015), on display at Marc Straus. The figurative graphite sculpture points to a kind of intimacy between two figures I can glimpse...
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April 2017

Art In America Reviews Sandro Chia

In their May 2017 issue, Art In America reviews Sandro Chia’s inaugural exhibition at the gallery. Art critic David Ebony writes: “Based on the fifteen paintings on view (all 2017), Chia is a venerable master. The artist has substituted the brash color and florid...
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