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Brooklyn Rail Reviews Thomas Bangsted and Jeanne Silverthorne

The Brooklyn Rail jointly reviews Thomas Bangsted‘s and Jeanne Silverthorne‘s exhibitions.

Art writer Joyce Beckenstein writes: “At first glance these two wildly different exhibitions, which are in fact consigned to separate gallery spaces, have absolutely nothing to do with one another. But spend some time navigating between Thomas Bangsted’s enormous constructed photographs of World War II battle ships anchored in frigid fjord waters and Jeanne Silverthorne’s intimate cast rubber sculptures of everyday objects, and the works begin to converse like virtual cousins. Both artists use fabrication and recreation to reconstruct the ways in which time dims memory—casting historical events into oblivion (Bangsted) or the obsolescence of the material objects of one’s everyday life (Silverthorne). They respond by setting themselves the task of resurrecting and/or preserving historical or personal memories. While the divergences between their works, in genre, medium, and scale are huge, they are inextricably linked by a primal human need to keep alive memories—to say, “I was here and this is the way I remember how things were.”…

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