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ArteFuse Reviews Ulf Puder and Liliane Tomasko

Jonathan Goodman reviews the Ulf Puder and Liliane Tomasko shows on Arte Fuse.

Ulf Puder and Liliane Tomasko are putting on an excellent two-person show at Marc Straus Gallery, located on the Lower East Side, on the edge of Chinatown. Each has a sizable room, with Puder’s work occupying the ground floor and Tomasko’s paintings placed in the gallery above. Puder is a German artist who is part of the New Leipzig School, which has produced some of the dominant German painters of recent decades, including the celebrated Neo Rauch. He works with architectural structures, seemingly abandoned and occupying a space between abstraction and figuration. The Swiss-born Tomasko, educated in London, now resides in the New York City area, where her practice is based on expressive abstraction, linked to the New York School. Puder is precise in his forms; his buildings are sharply rendered despite their formal disarray, usually painted against a dark, often gray background. In strong contrast, Tomasko offers lyric, sensual compositions marked by stripes that bend and curve, usually painted on top of amorphous, translucent passages of color. Placed together in this show, the two artists do seem very different, stylistically speaking, but they both share a deep feeling for painting, its ability to sustain intellectual and emotional interest in both nonobjective and representational form.

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