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Apotheosis of The Crummy Space, Artforum 1976

The title of the October 14, 2016 popup exhibition “The Apotheosis of the Fish Market” featuring Jong On and Jinsu Han was inspired by an article by Nancy Foote in the 1976 issue of Artforum, entitled “Apotheosis of the Crummy Space”.

Foote reviews P.S.1‘s inaugural 1976 show Rooms, where artists were invited to work in and on the abandoned school. Our pop-up similarly finds Oh and Han responding to the site’s nuanced configurations to create site-specific installations.

We found scans of the magazine online and in spirit of crumminess, here they are:

copy-of-art-forum-cover-76 apothosis-of-crummy-space-5 apothosis-of-crummy-space-4 apothosis-of-crummy-space-3 apothosis-of-crummy-space1
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