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Anne Samat’s solo exhibition, Weavings of Love, at the University of Wyoming Art Museum is on view until August 27, 2022, and we are also thrilled to announce that Anne Samat will participate in the Kochi-Muziris Biennale in 2023.

Malaysian artist Anne Samat (b. 1973) creates brilliantly colorful totemic wall sculptures using humble everyday materials. Her work is deeply informed by Malaysian culture, but with a contemporary sensibility for color, texture, and form. Samat combines traditional Pua Kumbu weaving – an artform she studied formally at the Mara Institute of Technology in Malaysia – with the familiar accouterments of modern life such as rakes and silverware. Her works are a material union of fiber and metal, a metaphoric union of tradition and modernity. Central to her practice is the concept of love. Each sculpture is imbued with the memory of and love for a friend or family member. When viewed collectively, anthropomorphology becomes more evident. As Samat has said, images of these works do not do them justice, “you have to witness [them].” Visit the Art Museum to experience the presence of 11 sculptural testaments of love.

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University of Wyoming Art Museum
Kochi-Muziris Biennale

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