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Anne Samat in the Inaugural Asia Society Triennial – The Wall Street Journal

The Wall Street Journal covered the Asia Society’s Triennial, which features Anne Samat’s piece, Follow Your Heart Wholeheartedly.

Susan Delson writes, “one of the most striking commissioned works is ‘Follow Your Heart Wholeheartedly,’ a large-scale sculptural installation by Malaysian artist Anne Samat. Trained as a weaver, Ms. Samat drew on Southeast Asia’s rich textile traditions to create four wall sculptures and a standing figure—all of them bristling with toy soldiers, rakes, metal washers and other household items.”

The piece is Ms. Samat’s tribute to the family members who gave her the courage to be an artist—not an easy path for women in Malaysian society. Michelle Yun, associate director of the Triennial, observed that Asian and Asian-American artists in general are seldom part of the art-world mainstream, but “female Asian and Asian American artists are even more exponentially marginalized.” Countering that trend, more than half of the artists in the Triennial are women.

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Image: Anne Samat ‘Follow Your Heart Wholeheartedly’ 2020. Wool, thread, and household goods.

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