January 2014

Thomas Bangsted and dazzle camouflage discussed on hyperallergic.com

The Review Panel at The National Academy Museum discusses Thomas Bangsted on Friday, January 24, 2014 at 6:30pm

The work of Jong Oh included in NASSAUISCHER KUNSTVEREIN WIESBADEN at Kunstverein-Wiesbaden on view January 18 - March 9, 2014.

The work of Jong Oh included in On What There Might Not Be / Acerca De Lo Que Podría No Ser at MARSO Galería on view January 30 - March 22, 2014.

The work of Martha Mysko and Chris Jones is currently included in "The Body Metonymic: International Contemporary Sculpture" curated by Dick Goody

at The Oakland University Art Gallery on view January 11 - March 30, 2014.  


December 2013

Announcing the release of Paul Pretzer | The NYC Sketchbook a comprehensive artist book of the painter Paul Pretzer



September 2013


John Newsom is a featured artist included in "Studio Life: Rituals, Collections, Tools, and Observations on the Artistic Process."

John Newsom is a featured artist included in "Studio Life: Rituals, Collection, Tools, and Observations on the Artistic Process," published by Princeton Press. Other profiles include Peter Halley, Rashid Johnson, Carol Bove, Jim Shaw, Tauba Auerbach, and John Baldesarri, among others.

Read more




A unique look at the work of Antonio Santin, "Hiding Under and Over" The Ground Magazine.

Look at Macarena. She is beautiful. She’s this dark-haired woman standing, maybe lying, on an ornate iron spiral staircase. Read more



An exclusive interview with Antonio Santin.

Antonio Santin is an artist as mysterious as the pallid, aristocratic protagonists in his paintings. Read more

Sound artist Jeff Talman presents new "reflexive resonance" at Marc Straus in New York.

Jeff Talman is an acclaimed sound artist whose new “reflexive resonance” work is made for Marc Straus. Read more

August 2013


Ulf Puder solo exhibition, "Pool" on view at Stadtmuseum Oldenburg through September 22.

On display in this important museum show are artworks by Puder from the last six years. Read more

Jeffrey Gibson's "Said the Pigeon to the Squirrel" highlighted by Art in America

Art in America's "The Lookout" writes, "Exhibitions that explore cultural identity as well as issues of race and gender are rarely as visually compelling and as much fun as 'Said the Pigeon to the Squirrel'."

"Said the Pigeon to the Squirrel" is on display until September 8 at the National Academy Museum, 1083 Fifth Avenue, New York. Read more

Charles Hinman's "Kites" exhibition at Silvermine Arts Center

The exhibition is a collaboration between Hinman and master printer Gary Lichtenstein. "Kites" is on display at the Silvermine Arts Center, New Canaan, CT,

hrough September 7, 2013.Read more


July 2013


The Metropolitan Museum of Art acquires Thomas Bangsted's Last of the Dreadnoughts

The artworks was accepted into the permanent collection of the Metropolitan Museum of Art's Photography Department in July 2013.
Anchor Bay, by Thomas Bangsted, is on view in "On Deck" at Marc Straus through August 23.See more of Bangsted's work


The New York Times' Karen Rosenberg reviews Jeffrey Gibson's "Said the Pigeon to the Squirrel" at National Academy Museum

"Something of that magic makes its way into the “shield paintings,” executed on hide stretched over ironing boards... Their sharply angular compositions allude to European early Modernist movements, like Orphism and Rayism, but the curved contours of the boards foster all sorts of other associations: the surf-inspired art of 1960s Los Angeles, or the early shaped canvases of Frank Stella, or, as the titles suggest, heraldic armor.
Also intriguing are the punching bags bedecked with sequins, beads and tin shingles... [O]ne, “She Walks Lightly,” is placed close to an air-conditioning vent so that its fringed skirt sways ever so gently."Read Review


June 2013


Birgit Brenner "Forever and Always" solo exhibition opens at Kunsthalle Tuebingen

"The Berlin-based professor at the Stuttgart State Academy of Art and Design creates her works out of the dramas of everyday life. ... The three-dimensional sketches out of cardboard join together to become a plot that the visitor can enter. ... In the staging, which is accompanied by punch lines, the particular incident escalates to become a tragicomedy common to all humankind."Read More


Chris Jones and Entang Wiharso on view at Prague Biennale

Chris Jones' work is on view in "Photography, Reconstructed," curated by Pavel Vancát.
Entang Wiharso's work is included in "Expanded Painting," curated by Helena Kontova.
The Prague Biennale is on view through September 15, 2013.


May 2013


Entang Wiharso representing Indonesia at 2013 Venice Biennale

Wiharso's installation will be on view at the Indonesia National Pavilion in the Arsenale, June 1 - November 24, 2013.


The New York Times article, "At Peace With Many Tribes" explores Jeffrey Gibson's artistic and personal trajectory

Carol Kino writes, "'The way we describe identity here is so reductive,' Mr. Gibson said. 'It never bleeds into seeing you as a more multifaceted person.' But now 'I’m finally at the point where I can feel comfortable being your introduction' to American Indian culture, he added. 'It’s just a huge acceptance of self.'
Judging from Mr. Gibson’s growing number of exhibitions, self-acceptance has done his work a lot of good. In addition to the National Academy exhibition, 'Said the Pigeon to the Squirrel,' which opens Thursday and runs through Sept. 8, his pieces can be seen in four other places.”
Read the Article

Jeffrey Gibson solo exhibition, "Said the Pigeon to the Squirrel" opens at the National Academy Museum, New York

On display at 1083 5th Ave, New York through September 8, 2013.More Info

"Sakahan: International Indigenous Art," featuring artwork by Jeffrey Gibson opens at the National Gallery Canada

The exhibition will be on view through September 2, 2013. More Info


Entang Wiharso is now represented by Marc Straus

Entang Wiharso is one of the leading artists from Indonesia. He will be representing the country at the Venice Biennale this summer. More Info

Jeffrey Gibson solo exhibition "Love Song" opens at the Institute of Contemporary Art Boston

"Gibson has located in his work a compelling paradigm: that the categories between abstract painting histories and Native American visual histories and materials are not so very far apart, and that Gibson’s own heritage and training might productively bridge the two." Love Song is on view through July 14, 2013.
More Info



Group exhibition featuring Ulf Puder and Sven Kroner opening May 4 at Galerie Jochen Hempel, Leipzig

Le Peintre de la Vie Moderne on display May 4 - June 14 at Spinnereistraße 07, Leipzig.More Info

April 2013


Jong Oh solo exhibition opens at Galerie Jochen Hempel, Berlin
The exhibition of new site-specific work will be on view April 26 through June 8, 2013 at Lindenstrasse 35, Berlin.More Info

John Newsom discusses upcoming exhibition at MARC STRAUS with World of Aerin

Aerin Lauder writes, "I love Brooklyn-based artist John Newsom’s work. His pieces are bold, bright, and full of unexpected color combinations...In person, John is just as exuberant and confident as his work. His enthusiasm for what he does is really infectious. In anticipation of his May 1st opening of his new show at Marc Straus gallery, John sat down to talk about his new work, life as an artist, and what’s next." Read Interview


Huffington Post, "Old World Meets New World: Paul Pretzer in Dresden and New York" Read Review

"Painting heterotopia: an interview with Zlatan Vehabovic" at the Ikon Arts Foundation

The artist discusses the body of work that will be on view at MARC STRAUS in his upcoming exhibition. Read More

February 2013


Charles Hinman in "Going into the Dark" at The Painting Center

The group exhibition, curated by Amalia Piccinini, will be on view through March 23, 2013 at 547 West 2th Street, New York. Read More


Martha Mysko and Anne Vieux, "Down the Pigeon Hole" at The Culture Room through March 3, 2013

The collaborative installation will be on view at 163 Starr Street #4L, Bushwick, Brooklyn.Read More

Ulf Puder included in "now here. Contemporary Art. From the Kunstfonds" at Lipsiusbau, Stattliche Kunstsammlung Dresden

"In the Kunsthalle im Lipsiusbau, this ‘hidden’ collection of contemporary art from the Kunstfonds will be shown to a wide audience for the first time. On view are works of the genre painting, photography, graphic art, installation and film – by more than 65 artists in which the main lines of development of the young artistic work in Saxony from the mid-1990s until today become visible."Read More


Paul Pretzer highlighted by Cool Hunting

"Currently on view at Marc Straus Gallery in NYC, an exhibition by Paul Pretzer brings primates, cardinals and painterly expression together for a carnivalesque look at the history of art. Riffing off of classical compositions—most notably Spanish masters Velázquez and Goya—the Dresden-born artist takes an attitude of irreverence along with impressive skill and respect for traditional technique." Read More

Marc Straus writes about the evolution of the Lower East Side in The Art Section. Read More


Marin Majić solo exhibition highlighted by Art in America

"Frankfurt-born, Berlin-based painter Marin Majic walks a very fine line between comedy and mystery in his show of paintings, mostly based on found images, and in almost all cases he gets it just right. Why is the young girl in Hundstag II holding that dog so awkwardly? What in the world is the meaning of the bouquet of birds held aloft by the young girl in Küken (Chicks)? Majic combines found and invented imagery in surreal scenes reminiscent of the New Leipzig School, but wonderfully odd in their own right."
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Ulf Puder on view in Der Gemalte Raum/Painted Space at the Essle Museum, Klosterneuberg, Austria

"'Der Gemalte Raum' connects very different artistic positions of the last 40 years that share a concern with spatial structures and architecture. In abstract or concrete painting, space in a painting becomes “area”." The exhibition is on view in the Schoemer-Haus at the Essl Museum through Summer 2013.
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January 2013


Marin Majić reviewed and interviewed in Artefuse. Read Interview

Jeffrey Gibson named as grant recipient for the Joan Mitchell Painters and Sculptors program. Read More

Zlatan Vehabović featured in Time Out Croatia

"Arguably one of the most poignant pictures to be exhibited at Zagreb’s Lauba gallery during the course of 2012 was Zlatan Vehabovic’s Departure, a triptych devoted to a pile of cardboard packing cases – as if someone is preparing to move out in the aftermath of a break-up. It certainly confirmed Vehabovic (born in Banja Luka in 1982) as the rising star of Croatian figurative painting. Vehabovic has spent the last few years producing narrative paintings that are both easy on the eye and wrong-footingly surreal." Read More

Ulf Puder in "Saxony: Works from the Deutsche Bank Collection" at the Museum der bildenden Künste Leipzig

"The exhibition presents work on paper from the Deutsche Bank Collection, featuring 32 contemporary artists with biographical links to Saxony. While the spectrums of topics that the artists cover – among them Gerhard Richter, Imi Knoebel, Blinky Palermo, Georg Baselitz or Neo Rauch - do vary, they also reveal correspondence: the critical appraisal of German identity and history, visions of modernity, the ideologically charged clash of images between East and West, between figuration and abstraction. ... The section 'Spatial Entities in Colour' presents corresponding works that thematise both the colour and also the fluid points of transition between abstraction and figuration. In the selected pieces by Uwe Kowski, Ulf Puder or Jörg Herold, colour describes delicately or aqueously formed bodies, spaces and pictograms." Read More


Antonio Santin featured in Casa Vogue Brazil January issue. Read Article

Leonardo Silaghi solo exhibition "Noise Distorted Perspective" opens at Galerie Kornfeld, Berlin

On view through February 23, 2013. Read More

Jeffrey Gibson exhibition "Tipi Poles (Performing as Lines)" opens at the Cornell Fine Arts Museum

On view at Rollins College through May 12, 2013. Gibson is also a Thomas P. Johnson Distinguished Visiting Artist. Read More


Leonardo Silaghi solo exhibition "Noise Distorted Perspective" opens at Galerie Kornfeld, Berlin

On view through February 23, 2013. Read More


Jeffrey Gibson exhibition "Tipi Poles (Performing as Lines)" opens at the Cornell Fine Arts Museum

On view at Rollins College through May 12, 2013. Gibson is also a Thomas P. Johnson Distinguished Visiting Artist. Read More


Works by Charles Hinman and Chris Jones on display in "Currents" exhibition at Knoxville Museum of Art. Read More


December 2012


Jeffrey Gibson at MARC STRAUS reviewed in Hyperallergic
"Gibson articulates truth through his materials, which, as Wittgenstein’s dictum states, shows what cannot be said. In Gibson’s case, his message is a deep emotional truth, born of history and memory, made present through the motion of his own hands."
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Crescendo by John Newsom honored in celebration at US Library of Congress

Read More

November 2012


Charles Hinman at MARC STRAUS reviewed in Art in America
"With Hinman, what you see might be what you see, but it will be more than what you see at first. He requires time from his viewers, maybe because when he began his artistic career, there seemed to be more of it. You should give it to him; it will be time well spent."
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Work by Jeffrey Gibson at Memorial Art Gallery, Rochester, NY
Changing Hands: Art Without Reservation 3 on view through February 10, 2013
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Thomas Bangsted Nocturnes at Galleri Tom Christoffersen
Photographic works by Thomas Bangsted on display through November 17, 2012.
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October 2012


Chris Jones in "The First Cut: Paper at the Cutting Edge" exhibition at Manchester Art Gallery.
This group show of 31 international artists is on display until January 27, 2013.
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Robert C. Morgan reviews Charles Hinman in The Brooklyn Rail.
"The current exhibition at Marc Straus Gallery on the Lower East Side may represent a long overdue comeback for Hinman."
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September 2012


John Newsom is currently participating in a group exhibition at Marianne Boesky Gallery.
Located at 118 East 64th Street, New York, NY, the exhibition will run through October 15th, 2012.
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August 2012


Art in General is pleased to present a new site-specific installation by Jong Oh
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July 2012


Jeffrey Gibson joins Marc Straus

MARC STRAUS proudly announces that the gallery will now represent Jeffrey Gibson.

For more than a decade Gibson has worked with a broad range of materials to create artworks that both reference and contribute to the ongoing dialogues of contemporary abstract painting. He completed his MA in Painting at the Royal College of Art, London, in 1998 and graduated from The School of The Art Institute of Chicago in 1995. Gibson has lived in New York since 1999 and has widely exhibited his work internationally.
Read Article

Charles Hinman joins Marc Straus

MARC STRAUS proudly announces that the gallery will now represent Charles Hinman.


Marc and Livia Straus "Collectors" - Luxe Immo Magazine
Read Article



June 2012


Jong Oh featured in The "Itinerary of Mobility and Translation"
The Gallery Korea of Korean Cultural Service NY - "The Itinerary of Mobility and Translation"
Read Article


: Birgit Brenner solo show at Kunstsammlung Jena
Read Article, Read exhibition leaflet (in German)

Birgit Brenner reviewed in Flash Art magazine
Read Article


May 2012


The Straus Collection: A Love Story
Read Article

Robert C. Morgan reviews Jong Oh in The Brooklyn Rail
Read Article


April 2012


A young Spanish painter takes over the Lower East Side
Read Article

Artist Antonio Santin Offers Light, Darkness and Edge
Read Article


March 2012


NYC Art Scene features Antonio Santin exhibition
Read Article


February 2012


NY Observer profiles Marc Straus
Read Article (PDF)

THE ART NEWSPAPER interviews Marc Straus
“The gallery business is a terrible concept”
Despite reservations, former oncologist and “fierce” collector Marc Straus has turned to dealing in contemporary art.
Read the Interview

December 2011


Zlatan Vehabovic named best young artist in Croatia. Read Article


Paul Pretzer selected as Saatchi Top 10 NY show. Read Article


November 2011


Leonardo Silaghi show reviewed in Art in America magazine. Read Review (PDF)

John Newsom voted among the Top 20 Artists in America. Read Article (PDF)


October 2011


John Newsom interview with Andre Butzer.
Read Article (PDF)

Zlatan Vehabovic at Lauba House, Croatia.
Lauba House opens their permanent address in Zagreb, Croatia with an exhibition by Zlatan Vehabovic. The exhibition “Sweeping Confetti from the Floor of the Concrete Hole” will include Vehabovic’s most recent paintings. The exhibition will run through November 8, 2011.
Read More

Lower East Side Story
Marc Straus is featured in October's edition of The Art Newspaper. Read Article


September 2011


Jong Oh wll participate in a group exhibition on September 21st at 308at156 project artspace located at 156 Fifth Avenue, Suite 308, New York, NY. The exhibition will run through December 1st and is organized by Wendy Olsoff of P∙P∙O∙W Gallery.
Read Press Release

John Newsom will participate in a group exhibition on September 16th at The Bowery Hotel located at 335 Bowery, New York, NY. The exhibition will run through October 15th, 2011. Installed in a rough hewn-space below the Bowery Hotel, curator Peter Makebish composes a salon-style group show. The selected artists’ works draw an intrinsic, perhaps serendipitous kind of knowing and recognize that the expressive reach of each painter’s idiom exists by companionship.
View Flyer


August 2011


Oncologist/Collector Marc Straus to Open Gallery in LES
Marc Straus, a "mostly retired" oncologist, collector and co-founder of the Hudson Valley Center for Contemporary Art in Peekskill, N.Y., is returning to his Lower East Side roots to open his own gallery. The gallery is launching with a roster of 13 artists, mostly emerging, from eight countries. Opening Sept. 7 is a show of paintings by 23-year-old Leonardo Silaghi from Cluj, Romania. Read Full Article



July 2011


Review: “The House Without the Door”
Mona Hatoum’s 1999 sculpture Home (featuring kitchen implements with wires running out of them, accompanied by the sound of pulsating current) inspired this unsettling exhibition plumbing the darker side of the places in which we live. High on anxiety but regrettably low on risk factor, this hit parade of big-name artists still affords the pleasure of reconnecting with iconic artworks about painful circumstances. Read Full Article

We are pleased to announce the opening of MARC STRAUS, a gallery opening September 2011 at 299 Grand Street in New York. Straus returns to Grand Street to open a contemporary art gallery in a three-story building just across the street from the textile store which his immigrant father had owned and where Marc worked from childhood until he graduated medical school. Marc says, “My roots are here. This is an area with yet another life, vital to the emerging art scene.”
Read More

Marc Straus opens September 7, 2011 at 132 Delancey St. (northeast corner of Norfolk) while its permanent space is being reconstructed.
View Map/Directions

Marc Straus announces its opening exhibition schedule.
View Schedule

John Newsom will be opening a solo exhibition on September 24th at The Richard J. Massey Foundation for the Arts and Sciences located at 601 West 26th Street, Suite 1385, New York, NY. The exhibition will run through December 31st, 2011. This will be Newsom's first survey exhibition and will span works from 2003 to the present, selected from The Richard J. Massey Collection. A full-color hardcover monograph will accompany the exhibition, published by CHARTA in Milan. For further information please visit www.rjmfas.org or contact the gallery.

Antonio Santin: Full Dedication to Art
Wedding’s cheap rents and high vacancy rate attracts artists to work in the neighbourhood yet the district remains rough despite several failed attempts by the city to establish it as the new Mitte. When Antonio Santin invited us to visit his studio in Wedding, we therefore pictured ourselves in an abandoned industrial surrounding. Instead we found ourselves inside a small, enchanted backyard, lined with Antonio’s huge canvases of young, stoic, women dressed in colourful ropes. Read Interview

The Voices Emerging From College Studios.
Last November, the Hudson Valley Center for Contemporary Art assembled a team of 18 gallery owners, curators, collectors and artists for the purpose of making studio visits — not to already-established artists, but to art students in master of fine arts programs across the United States, including Jong Oh.
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