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Jong Oh Two-Person Show at deCordova Sculpture Park and Museum

Sculpting with Air: Ian McMahon and Jong Oh
On View Apr 20, 2018 – Sep 30, 2018
Linde Gallery, Foster Galleries

Sculpting with Air: two contemporary sculptors will create very different site-specific artworks at deCordova by shaping the intangible element of air. Jong Oh fashions almost imperceptible structures with string, wire, and Plexiglas, focusing on transparency, lightness, and expansiveness. Ian McMahon creates voluminous, pillow-like forms using an innovative technique of sprayed plaster. Despite the enormous contrasts, the two sculptors’ work is complementary. Both reshape space by exploring tension, balance, and force. They challenge our perceptions of gravity and perspective by creating forms that expand into the galleries.

“In Sculpting with Air we’re bringing two boundary-pushing artists together to ask the question: What happens when sculptors choose emptiness, transparency, and weightlessness instead of solidity, density, or weight?” says Martina Tanga, deCordova’s Koch Curatorial Fellow. “We’re excited to see the result once the process-driven, site-specific, and temporary sculptures are installed in our galleries.”

The public will have an unprecedented opportunity to observe and talk to the artists as they create the sculptures in the galleries. The finished works will be on view April 20–September 30, 2018.

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